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These samples are from our own Family Videos — we do not show any client videos to respect their privacy.

These samples give you and idea of what we can do with music, stills, effects, video, audio, and titles. You can see and feel the emotion that we add to ours and we do the same for yours.

These video's were taken during 2002 and 2004 before the readily available High Def world, but we can handle any format, any size, and any resolution.

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A cherished family heirloom that our family treasures every time they watch it.

The music matches the visuals and vice versa that touches the heart-strings. It is okay to shed a tear for your loved ones. We all miss the one's we love.

One Family ©1998 Mark Mancina
You'll Be In My Heart ©1998 Phil Collins

The Family Summary Video

Assembling the project to deliver a special and unique experience for the family is important.

With a Cinematic Epic look & feel, the Music, Photographs, Titles, and Video fit together to create an enhanced, one-of-a-kind, tailored to your family viewing experience — your project is distint.

The Family summary video is a compilation of the highlights of the topic/theme of your family video: Birthday, Vacation, Memorial, and so forth, we take the moments that are precious that touch your heart and make them easy to relive over and over.

You'll Be In My Heart ©1998 Phil Collins

Slow Motion & Music Timing

Slow motion video elevates the emotions that the music adds, especially when the music and the lyrics are timed to relate to what is seen visually.

You'll Be In My Heart ©1998 Phil Collins

Video Summary Augmentations

Audio from the video or any other device can be added to augment to visual and auditory enjoyment and remembrance of your family event, person's voice and characteristics.

You'll Be In My Heart ©1998 Phil Collins
Beautiful Soul © 1998 Disney Jesse McCartney

Stills, Effects, Music, and Family

Often a someone, such as a child, has a special image they drew, colored, or created. These images can be included into the video to save for a life.

Pictures, photographs, and documents are a great addition to video as we add movement to them.

Effects, such as color-correcting, color-timing, matting, and so much more are how we give you a professionally produced product as though it came from Hollywood.

Beautiful Soul © 1998 Disney Jesse McCartney

Where did the time go? How long has it been?

Two phrases we have heard, or spoken ourselves, to friends and family, answered by abstract and obscure replies.

Give them a family video to catch up on what you have been doing, share it online, relive it yourself at least once a year.

Tears, joy, emptiness, sadness, and smiles will flood your heart, mind, and body — but that is a GOOD thing — do not fight - it let it out.

Someday © 2003 Standard Sound

Save Today for Tomorrow.

What is the value of being able to relive the good and bad times in your life with pictures, video, and audio at anytime you want?

A disk of your project may not be convenient at certain times, but a digital copy that is on a server/ cloud that you can access anytime and anywhere makes sharing your family history with others a must.

Time passes faster than we want to admit. What was now is gone. There is more Future and Past than there is the Present. Do not wait until your have little future left to save today for tomorrow.

Someday © 2003 Standard Sound

Moments to remember • People to cherish.

As we get older our memories begin to get scattered, lost, mixed up, and most of the time forgotten. “I have forgotten more than you ever know.” - Bob Dylan (Selfportrait).

It is a fact and nothing can be done about memory loss except to document those moments. With today's technology there are more photographs and videos taken in a week than there were in the entire year of 1970.

The problem is most of these images never see the light of day or be seen once and then deleted. Why?"

DVD Memories can help you create a presentation that you can share and relive those precious family moments that you can remember and cherish.

Never Let You Go © 1999 Third Eye Blind

Loved Ones fill our heart with joy!

Children, Grand-children, Parents, Grand-Parents and BEYOND!!

Every person affects another. When they come into our lives and when we enter theirs "Out of the Blue" and into our heart!

Make a difference in their lives as they do the same to you making a long-lasting bond that lasts FOREVER!

Out of the Blue © 1987 Foreigner

Leave an heirloom of your family history.

Losing a friend or a loved one is inevitable. But they can be remembered by capturing them as they live and then reliving it when they are gone in a testament, memorial, and tribute video.

Let generations that follow learn who you are, what you did, and let them be proud to be related to you.

You may not know or feel it right now, but trust me, some time in your life, no matter where you are, you have an empty feeling in your heart making it heard to breathe. This is an emotional echo to not being involved with your family — you are MISSING THEM.

This is your Story. Share it!

Let the people that matter in your life know you care, that they are important to you, and that you love them — Real men say “I LOVE YOU.”

Share your story, your life, your history, and your heritage with your descendants.

Make viewing your family videos a yearly and monthly tradition. Keep the love, joy, and honor strong with your family. Do not ever forget who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.

with Love - ger