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How much does it cost to protect my photographs and video history?

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What is it worth to you to protect your family's photographic history?

The Bitterness of “Poor Quality” remains long after the Sweetness of “Low Price” is Forgotten

We consider ourselves neither expensive nor cheap. ‘Expensive’ as in “a high price that is not based on intrinsic worth.” ‘Cheap’ being “poorly made or shoddy, not worth the price.” These descriptions do not apply to Davenport Video Digital Memories and Aria Pictures. We are respectful and caring about your family's history and privacy. How much is it worth to you to protect your family's precious visual memories history?

Transferring, Digitizing, Editing, and Archiving Prices.

Our prices are based on Total Run Time of up to 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes, and up. From $300 for a 15 minute simple video transfer or 90 images — both with goodies — to $3,000 for the works up to 3 hours.

Photographs · Video · Both

Using Photographs & Video in any combination, your project will be unique, and one-of-a-kind, that you, and your family, will cherish for a lifetime.


Photographs/Pictures can be from digital sources and real photographs, negatives, and slides that we scan & digitize for video use.

Sometimes your photographs need some adjustments and cleaning. We can do this easily, professionally, and harmlessly — we do not effect your original material.

Color Correction

Depending on what camera, type of film, or era the photograph was taken, color correction resets the color to the color spectrum we see.


Selecting the most important part of the image and cutting some of the dead empty space that does not relate to or help the image.

Red Eye

Red eye is from flash photography, and can be eliminated and fixed. Red Eye is more common in digital photography as the flash is nearer to the lens and light bounces straight back at the lens from the eye.


Video can come from VHS, Mini DV, high end camera's and mobile devices.

Video Capture

Known as Digitizing. Any tape video source is digitized into the computer via a device that converts the signal to digital.


Editing is a highly skilled sergical process and, although most people feel they can do it, it is NOT just taking out the bad parts — it is finding a balance between entertaining the audience and keeping reality — This is where we shine! This is what will separate your package from being called A Home Movie.


Taking the video & photographs and adding Titles, Transitions, and Music is called Post-Production, some call it editing, but editors are really assembling the pieces together.


Transitions are the change that happen between one image/scene to the next, such as dissolves, cuts, and fade-to and from black.


Titles/Text can be added over any color background, stills, or video to mark a segment or identify who or what is in the image.


When the project is finished the video/movie file is exported as a stand alone .mp4 file for upload to Vimeo, other video hosting sites, or your website and given to you on a thumb-drive.