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Cherish, Relive, Save, and Protect your precious family history.

How do I save my Family Movies?

Do not let the past fade away

Cherish, Relive, Save, and Protect your precious family movies, videos, and photographic history onto a DVD or Blu Ray. You took time to record those special occasions, why keep your family treasures hidden in a box under the, in the attic, or worse, the garage where they can be lost and forgotten forever?

Protecting your family heirlooms to enjoy them for generations is easy to do with DVD Memories, by transferring your family visual valuables digitally and archiving and storing them so they are not victims of heat, humidity, and time.

Davenport Video Digital Memories does more than just transfer the video, we add personality and emotion. Transfer your analog VHS tapes to digital and save your precious memories. Save your video memories with Video to DVD.

Davenport Video Digital Memories is here to protect you Family Movies, archive family pictures, convert VHS tape to Digital, and convert VHSC tape to digital so you can Cherish, Relive, Save, and Protect your precious family history.


Samples below are from our own Family Video Library from 2002 and 2004. Relive the past, smile, laugh, and remember friends, family, and loved ones that are no longer with us. Time may passes and things change. Do not let your precious family memories be scattered in many places that eventually are lost forever. Davenport Video Digital Memories cares about your family as much as we do ours. View more video samples


Gerald Martin Davenport
Editor · Director · Graphic Artist · Producer

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It is with genuine appreciation that I write this recommendation for Gerald Martin Davenport. His unique abilities and talents allowed us to have forever, memoirs of our wedding celebration. His dedication to his profession is evident in all he does.

He worked closely with us as we asked him to make additional video montages of our wedding. Never once did he say it was not possible, nor did he fail to impress us. We could not have asked him to do more for us.

It is without hesitation or reservations that we encourage others to partake of his artistic abilities.

Tim and Joan Moore